At Showcase Home Stagers, we offer a variety of design services, whether you are selling your home or making updates to your former design, as well as repairs. Call us to set up your first appointment and we’ll make your home irresistible.

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home staging

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When you’re still living in your home, it’s not easy to remain objective and make changes with a potential buyer in mind. We’ll help.

During a two- to three-hour consultation, we look at your home with a critical buyer’s eye. The result is a customized checklist report that allows you to do much of the work yourself—and maybe all of it. Our checklist is very comprehensive and includes:
- advice on furniture placement
- how to use what you already have (even if it’s now in another room)
- paint color recommendations
- repair suggestions
- a detailed list of recommended easy purchases (including stores/cost)
- clean-up suggestions
- other staging advice

Our staff can help you make repairs, paint and even organize those closets and cupboards for an additional fee.

By now, it’s common knowledge that a home with furniture sells better than one without. Why? Because it’s much easier for potential buyers to envision their own furniture in a home if they can see someone else’s there—especially if it’s in the optimal layout. Homes with furniture also look bigger and more attractive. When you aren’t there to sell it, your home needs to be able to speak for itself.

Working with your real estate professional, we’ll make paint color suggestions, identify the most beneficial repairs and then furnish your home from our warehouse and other resources, creating the right atmosphere to sell your home fast and at the best price. Your home can be an irresistible showcase home.

Remember, the longer they linger, the more likely it is they will fall in love with your home.

Once you’re in your perfect home, we can help make it your sanctuary—by design.

Our services include working with you as your home is being built choosing the right interior elements—bathroom fixtures, flooring, finishes, trim, wall textures, lighting, window and wall treatments and paint colors (and everything else)—as well as outdoor elements (siding colors, shingle styles, trim, outdoor living spaces, etc.), to provide the best bones for your home.

Or, if you’ve been in your home for a while, we can rearrange what you already have and make suggestions for additions, paint color, repairs and accessories. Sometimes you just need someone to help you organize what you already have so your home functions better and the way you want it to. We do that too.

Finally, we can decorate your home (or business)—inside and outside—for the holidays. We have the skills and contacts needed to make your home magazine perfect. You’ll fall in love with your home all over again.

Don’t miss your opportunity to make a terrific first impression. If visitors are turned off by your home’s exterior when they drive up, the inside must work that much harder to make a good impression. We’ll help you create an inviting look, so everyone falls in love with your home from the moment they step out of the car.

First, we’ll repair any damage, clean up or repaint areas that need it. Then, we’ll make suggestions on how you can add perceived value to the exterior, such as adding new doors or shutters, mailbox, address numbering or sidewalk materials. We’ll also make landscaping suggestions—sometimes just a pruning and verdant planters will make all the difference. We’ll stage your yard, porch or entry so your home says “welcome” to everyone—including you!

And, as mentioned earlier, we can decorate your home or business for the holidays. We have the skills and contacts needed to make your home stand out from the neighbors.


No matter which of the above services you need, a good handyman is an invaluable asset. You want someone with proven skills who can quickly and easily make the changes you need. Our handyman is just the guy — whether you are interested in his trademark texturing, exquisite painting, his master landscaping skills or carpentry, dry walling, tiling, fixture work or any other skills except carpet laying!