staging tip #2

Remove your thumbprint from the house so your potential buyer can put themselves in it. You can't pull back on personal items enough. So here's a gentle reminder to hide collections, photos, toys, personal awards and monogrammed towels before a showing.

staging tip #3

Clean like your mother-in-law or boss is coming over for dinner. Pay particular attention to glass and odors. Cleaning should also include organizing cupboards, closets and medicine cabinets, because buyers will look!

What is staging?

Staging is setting up your home to look like a showpiece when it's being placed on the market for sale, using your best existing furnishings, making repairs and upgrades and removing any clutter. If it's vacant, we choose paint colors, furnishings and accent pieces to make your home look lived in, yet clutter-free and peaceful. Staging services can also include making repairs, upgrading fixtures such as lighting and faucets and adding artwork. In essence, it means setting the stage to sell your home for the best price as quickly as possible. An unstaged home only helps sell the competition.

Is it expensive?

We can work within any budget, but generally we find that your costs are more than recouped by a higher sale price and faster turn-around time for your sale. The more you invest, the quicker your house is likely to sell. For example, if your budget is $4,000 to upgrade your property, changes such as better landscaping, a complete paint job, a new front door, new kitchen countertops and the right furnishings, you can improve your home's value by $10,000 or more. Sometimes all you need is an organizer to come in and help you de-clutter, or a handyman to make minor repairs. Occasionally you need a second eye to pull a look together that is pleasing to a wide variety of buyers. Showcase Home Stagers does it all.

Do we have to stage our entire home?

We believe that going through your home from top to bottom is the best scenario for you. However, if your budget is especially constrained, we recommend focusing on the curb appeal, the entryway, the kitchen, main bathroom and master bedroom. Remember, kitchens, master bedrooms and master baths help sell homes.

Does staging mean that I have to have a bland house?

No. We don't recommend painting every wall cream or white. What stagers do is make sure that your design fits the style of the house and doesn't make too personal a statement so as to exclude a wide variety of buyers. Although taupe and green are popular colors, we also have been known to paint an accent wall a chocolate brown or include a stunning piece of art. But in the end, the design has to show off the possibilities of your home and not your own sense of style. You want buyers to see themselves in the home, not you!

What if I can't afford to fix everything?

We recommend that you accent the positive as much as possible while minimizing the negative. That means that if you have a fantastic stairway, view or bathroom, then nothing should detract from those assets. Any negatives beyond your budget to repair should be minimized as much as possible.

What if I really like the way my house looks now?

No matter how proud you are of your home, it's essential that you look at it with a critical buyer's eye. If you love Modern style, you may not want turn off buyers that have a traditional sensibility if your house will accommodate that style as well. Some people love pink, for example, but not the vast majority of buyers. We recommend you save your personal design choices for your future home and find a design that appeals to a wider variety of buyers without being bland.

What do I do with my belongings that don't fit the staging process?

If you can't rent a storage unit, we recommend that you ask friends or family members to store some of your belongings. If you stuff everything you have that has been removed for staging into your garage, it won't show your garage to the best of its potential. Keep your closets clean and organized because they are a huge selling point.