At Showcase Home Stagers, we provide superior expertise on style in a teamwork atmosphere. And you as well as your Realtor are primary members of our team!

Debbie Lea, owner and team leader, is among the first home stagers in the area. She’s helped over 100 families sell their home faster than expected, even in the toughest times.

Deb’s eye for spacial correctness and her British design sensibilities means that every piece of furniture and every nicknack, pillow and rug will be in just the right place, giving your rooms a sense of serenity and order pleasing to a buyer’s eye.

She uses a warehouse of elegant furniture and accessories to stage your empty or partially empty home perfectly and fitting that home’s style.

Her attention to the details, organization and scheduling is reassuring to sellers and real estate pros alike. Nothing will slip through the cracks when Debbie is on board.

Rosemary Woodward, lends her artistic eye as well as a flipper’s sensibilities to the team. Debbie’s right-hand woman has been flipping houses for 25 years.

Rosemary has also studied art and oil painting and uses her tasteful aesthetic to create harmonious spaces by selecting the right colors and hues to define a space. She’s also redesigned several homes and understands how to make best use of a space to fit its intended functions.

She enjoys room redesign, evaluating curb appeal/landscaping as well as renovations and new construction design.

Most of all, she loves teaming up with Debbie and has a passion for working with clients who have energy and enthusiasm.

Lisa Schuetz, designer, has been writing about and designing interiors for more than 10 years. She studied interior design at UW-Madison, some of that under color expert, Professor Joy Dohr.

Time and again, she’ll find your perfect paint color that shows off your home’s lines and casts the right ambiance. She’s happy to work with you on designing a new home or recasting and updating your current design. She’s also an exclusive event designer, creating designs for holidays, special events and weddings.

Lisa also enjoys helping clients upgrade their curb appeal, for their own enjoyment or to jump start a potential buyer’s love affair with your home from the moment they step from their car.

Tim Meidl has been a teacher, landscaper, handyman and business consultant. In the end, his ability to meld craftsmanship and landscaping with educating others has led him back to working with homeowners making the bones of their home stand out.

Tim’s areas of expertise include painting and wall textures, including his signature texture that makes your home look like a European villa without all that expensive plaster. He can put in a rock wall, build a bookcase, tile your bathroom, put in a wall and drywall it and so much more. He’s fast and a true pleasure to have around!

Tim also builds landscape structures such as pergolas, patios, walkways, benches, rock walls and more. He can also provide advice on plant materials and has an excellent source for large trees at a great price.